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Ursus spelaeus
Ursus spelaeus
Категория: Бестиарий | Добавил: rom-diz (04.03.2011) | Автор: roman uchytel E W
Просмотров: 3666 | Комментарии: 10 | Рейтинг: 5.0/5
Всего комментариев: 10
ну, это совсем не сюда.

Всем привет
Я здесь новичек. Хотел попросить совета. Надоели вирусы и всякая ерунда на онлайн видео порталах
Можете посоветовать. Кинуть ссылку. Где? Что? И как? Всем заранее спасибо

мишка очень хорош!


I agree with you, Julián , that's the case - the BORING holocene. bleak and bare... with nothing left but deers and foxes :(
ROM is right - it's easier to learn Chinese and even Finnish, than Russian.
Классный зверь, Ром.

for me, the most difficult thing is to learn the cases... In Portuguese we haven't cases, neither English, or other modern latin languages, like Spanish. However, I'm also learning Latin, which is a language with cases too.

Oh! By the way, I love the Bramatherium you've made!

This is a very difficult language. Chinese easier to learn:)

It's notorius for me thath your recosntructions are progressively more and more realistic, and the cave bear is not far behind!
Ah, this boring Holocene....

just because of you and this wonderfull site, I interested myself in this language. So, now, I'm trying to learn russian :) (it's a all different alphabet, but I like it )

realistic :)

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